Northants Logistics Companies Make A Big Bang!

3 Mar by Ben Mainwaring

Northants Logistics Companies Make A Big Bang!

A number of Northamptonshire Logistics companies were in attendance at Franklins Gardens in Northampton this week as the Big Bang event rolled into town.

The Big Bang – which is a huge skills and employment fair for local schools saw employers from a range of sectors offering hands on demonstrations and practical advice on job routes, skills and qualifications to over a thousand young people from across the county.

Companies in attendance included XPO Logistics and Kuhne-Naegel and James, Apprenticeship Manager of XPO Logistics was very positive about the event:

“These events are really important for us to try and show to people all of the different range of options and careers that are open to them. They think of logistics and they think of trucks and drivers but there are so many other job routes available to people. I started as an Apprentice at XPO and its great for me to be able to talk to people about how you can progress through a company as an apprentice”.


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