Northants Logistics Forum is pleased to welcome back Brackmills BID as a sponsor for this years awards.

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Name and job title/company:

Hello, My Name is Sara Homer and I am the Executive Chair for the Brackmills Business Improvement District in Northampton.

Your business: How many people do you employ in Northamptonshire and, in a few words, can you tell us what your company does?

As a BID, we do not actually employ staff, we do however use the services of consultants for our background work and also for our PR work. The BID offers an additionality of services for the up keep and safe running of the estate and we lobby hard to match fund projects from the local Council and Government.

Category sponsored:

The category that we have chosen this year to sponsor at the 2019 Northamptonshire Logistics Awards is Achiever of the year award.

Why have you chosen this particular category to sponsor and what aligns your business to the Northamptonshire Logistics Awards?

We have chosen this particular award, because it can be so very diverse from within the logistics sector. It can be anything from a new apprentice, a driver, a ware house operative, accounts, purchasing or even buying overseas. Literally, the world is your oyster in this sector.

What major challenges do you think the logistics sector/your sector faces?

One of the main challenges within the sector is an ageing work force and a lack of good quality drivers. There is not enough promotion with in our schools generally concerning the sector. Also, how will Brexit affect us in the future? This is the Question.

And how will your company tackle these challenges?

By collectively all working together to improve this situation and by attending the Northampton logistics forum and by being one step ahead in the game.

Can you share an unknown fact about your company?

An unknown fact about a business improvement district is that the very first BID was set up in in Toronto in Canada back in 1970.We currently as a BID have approximately 180 businesses on The Brackmills Estate.

What country, other than the UK, is your business most closely aligned?

We are not aligned to any particular country, but we do have companies on the estate from Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Portugal and also further overseas with Canada and America.

We want to encourage as many businesses in the logistics sector to enter these awards – what words of encouragement can you share with us? Why do you think these awards are so important?

It is our chance to all get together to discuss any issues, to promote the sector, meet new friends, network and reward the outstanding achievements of our fellow businesses.

What advice or words of wisdom do you have for a successful career business?

It is simply a way of getting something from “A” to “B” and the diversity of the journey that it takes.

In three words what does Northamptonshire mean to you?

Centrally, Perfectly, Located.

The Brackmills Industrial Estate business improvement district covers one of the most prominent locations for logistics and distribution in the country.

It is also home to a wide variety of important manufacturing, service and trading companies which all make valuable contributions to the local economy in Northamptonshire.

Brackmills Industrial Estate, Northampton, comprises of some 3.9 Sq Km of business premises such as industrial, warehousing and office space and is located on the south eastern side of Northampton. The Brackmills Industrial Estate, Northampton, is home to over 140 companies many key not just to Northampton and the county, but further afield. There are currently in excess of 11000 people employed on Brackmills Industrial Estate, Northampton, and neighbouring Northampton Business Park.

Brackmills Industrial Estate, Northampton, has been built by a number of developers over the years, rather than one developer, ensuring a plethora of different size and style buildings throughout the estate.