Northamptonshire Logistics Awards are pleased to welcome PALLITE as sponsor of the Young Person of the Year Award at this years event.

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palliteName and job title: Paddy Mulhall Managing Director

Company: PALLITE®

Category sponsored: Young Person of the Year

Your business: How many people do you employ in Northamptonshire and, in a few words, can you tell us what your company does?

PALLITE® is a range of award-winning transit packaging that’s manufactured in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, by a team of 24 staff. Made from paper and glue using honeycomb-cell technology, it offers opportunities to save money whilst cutting carbon emissions. We help our customers to optimise their supply chains by reducing damages and weight whilst minimising their total delivery costs.

Why have you chosen this particular category to sponsor and what aligns your business to the Northamptonshire Logistics Awards?

We are a relatively young business that is focusing on bringing innovation to the logistics sector. It is imperative for the sector that we look to engage with the decision makers of tomorrow and inspire them to stay within the industry. We manufacture pallets and pallet boxes that can simplify the supply chain and provide sustainable, money saving solutions across the logistics arena.

What major challenges do you think the logistics sector/ your sector faces?

Increasing demand to move things quicker and cheaper, whilst trying to operate in a world that respects the climate and environment.

And how will your company tackle these challenges?

By listening to our current and potential customers and empathising with the dilemmas they face and then being expansive in our thinking and ways of working. Accepting and embracing change !

Can you share an unknown fact about your company?

Last year the CO2 saving for our customers from using our products was equivalent to planting over 120,000 trees

What country, other than the UK, is your business most closely aligned to?


We want to encourage as many businesses in the logistics sector to enter these awards – what words of encouragement can you share with us? Why do you think these awards are so important?

It is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your business and highlight everything that is exciting about working in the logistics sector. It is a critical sector for the community and important that we ensure that this continues. Celebrating success is key to continued growth.

What advice or words of wisdom do you have for a successful career and business?

Be passionate about everything that you do and look for an opportunity in every challenge that you face.

In three words what does Northamptonshire mean to you?

Home of logistics

pallite bannerPALLITE® is a range of lightweight, strong, clean and recyclable paper pallets from The Alternative Pallet Company that offers a genuine alternative to wood. A British company, we’re proud to say we manufacture the entire range at our factory in Northamptonshire.

Although we started with pallets, we didn’t stop there. In response to concerns raised by our customers about their supply chains, and by working to understand their difficulties, we further developed the PALLITE® range to include collapsible pallet boxes, insulated pallet boxes, layer boards and pallet feet (or Pallruns as we call them).

You see, here at The Alternative Pallet Company, we take our customers and their issues very seriously. We count listening as one of our strongest skills. That’s why we’ll take the time to understand your company and products, and really get to the bottom of any difficulties you’re facing.

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